Sleeklens Forever Thine Wedding LR Presets Review

I was recently approached by Sleeklens PR department to use and review some of their LR presets. In exchange, they sent me the presets for free. Since we are wedding photographers, they wanted us to review one of their wedding workflow presets, called Forever Thine Wedding Workflow. I have to admit that I have never done any official review about any photography related products before this, thus I am not a professional reviewer. I will, however, share my personal experience in using these presets.

Before we continue, I’d like to share our normal post processing workflow. We use Lightroom mostly from cataloguing to colour and exposure correcting to exporting the final images. We only use Photoshop for things Lightroom can’t afford to do like Liquify, Masking, and/or Patching. With Lightroom, we hardly use presets so we manually process every single photo. Our style of editing is natural or pastel look, and that’s the goal we have to achieve. We use both Nikon and Fuji X Series systems. We shoot RAW for engagements/preweddings and JPEG for weddings.

Forever Thine Wedding Workflow comes with both brushes and presets for Lightroom plus detailed manual instructions on how to install it. Installation was a simple copy and paste to the correct folders. Once done, the Forever Thine Wedding presets will appear on the left tab of Lightroom under Presets in the Develop Module. As for its brushes, they will appear in the drop down menu when you click on ‘Custom’ in the ‘Effect’ panel of the Graduated Filter, Radial Filter, or Adjustment Brush panel. The preset collection contains of 113 different presets in 12 different categories: All-in-One, Base, Exposure, Color Correct, Tone/Tint, Polish, Vignette, Wedding Film, Wedding Fashion, Wedding Matte, Wedding Vintage, and Wedding Black & White. While the brush collection contains of 23 different ones.

For this review, I will use photos from Gerry and Devina’s wedding, taken all with Fuji X-T2 in JPEGs.

With these presets, you can achieve so many different results to your likings. But since what we are aiming to get is natural and pastel look, we will only use the presets that can help us achieve that.

I used ‘Base-Pastel Tone’ to get the pastel look. And added some brushes ‘Fix Underexpose’ to overexpose the background. I only sent it to Photoshop to remove the window frame.

I shot this image underexpose, and with a simple touch using ‘Wedding Black&White – Clean’ I can get this result. Love the classic B&W feel here.

If you like ‘HDR look’, here is one good example:

I used ‘Wedding Fashion – Helen’ for this punched result. I find this is preset is good for a backlit situation, but on the contrary it’s a bit too much for a normal situation.

And if you like to punch up the colour for your props shots, you can use ‘All-in-One – Best Man’ or ‘Base – Best Wishes’.


Sleeklens allows for stacking the presets. This image below is a simple good example. I found the original image is somehow lack of contrast and the colour is a bit dull. With ‘Polish – Color Pop’ and add ‘Vignette – Black Dreamy’ you will have a much better image that draw your attention straight to the wedding bands in the center.



My overall experience playing around with Forever Thine Wedding Workflow has been fun and positive. At first it took me quite some time to try out each of the presets to get the feel of the results. However, once I get familiar with which one of them that can give me the results I’m looking for, things get pretty quick and easy to use especially when there are hundreds or thousands of images to process. Presets are not something that I would use most of the time when editing my photos, but they are something I will keep in mind now when dealing with images that are hard to process to get the results I want with the limited time I have to deliver.

My most favorite presets in the collection are ‘Base-Pastel Tone’ and ‘Wedding Black&White – Clean’. As for the brushes, I believe they are all useful at any given situation.

I would recommend this collection for wedding photographers who enjoy working with presets. These can be very helpful to optimise your post processing workflow and time.

Thank you Sleeklens for the awesome products. Keep up the good work. Oh, they also just launched their Professional Photo Editing Service if you are interested in engaging their service.  Or if you are interested in their other LR presets, head out to their website, they are having huge promotions at the time of writing this review.

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Last but not least, I would like to show you more images I processed using Forever Thine Wedding presets below.